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Fogging Systems


How ultrasonic humidifiers operate

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a ceramic disc to convert high frequency sound oscillations into mechanical oscillations which break up water into a fog. A small fan is used to distribute the fog. Because the fan is the only moving part in the fogging system it tends to be very reliable and very little maintenance is required. The fog droplets produced have an average size of 5µm which is the smallest produced by any humidification method. This allows the fog to remain suspended for longer and causes less wetting of your plants. The fog produced is the same as you would find in a cloud forest or a typical London fog.

The fog produced can be used for:

Humidifying, cooling, eliminating static electricity and freshening air. It is suitable for anything from domestic to industrial applications. High humidity is particularly beneficial for deflasking plants and growing cloud forest plants such as Draculas.

In hot weather a fogging system can be used in two ways. They can be used just to maintain high humidity which will prevent plants from drying out which is the main damaging effect of high temperatures. Fogging can alternatively be used in conjunction with an air exchange to produce evaporative cooling.

Further pages describe the different models of Ocean Mist foggers and accessories.

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    Ocean Mist TM-300

    This unit comes complete and ready to connect to 240V power and a water supply. All you will need extra is a 20 micron water filter on your tap to maintain a clean water supply. The unit comes complete with an automatic humidity controller so that you can dial up your desided humidity level.

    The unit can run continuously however it is best to switch it off for about an hour a day to ensure a long life of the ultrasonic transducers. This is generally not an issue because humidification is rarely needed at night. The unit is mobile so no expensive installation is required…

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    Ocean Mist TM-1200

    The TM-1200 series of foggers all have the same housing, control system and other components with the exception of the mist head and transformer. The base unit can be purchased with one mist head which will provide the same output as a TM-300 fogger, the TM-1200-1 It can be supplied with 2 mist heads and 2 transformers, the TM-1200-2 right up to the maximum capacity TM 1200-4 with 4 mist heads & transformers.

    TM 1200-1 Maximum output 5.5kg fog per hour

    TM 1200-2 Maximum output 11.0kg fog per hour

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    Plants are grown in 95mm diameter polypropylene containers with Teflon breathers to produce large plants and minimize transport costs. The plants will be replated to order and should be ready approximately 4-6 months after ordering and payment of 50% deposit. Prices are plus 10% gst for Australian clients. Flasks cost AU$37.00 each or $35.00 each for 10 or more.

    Sterile vermiculite can be added to flasks to protect plants during delivery. Alternatively plants can be deflasked and sent bare rooted and sent packed in damp toweling. Either of these services will cost $5.00 per flask. For overseas clients please check which option is permitted by your quarantine authorities.