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Laboratory Supplies

  • 250 mL Capacity

    Dimensions: 74 x 75mm.
    Packaging: cartons of 200.
    Cost: AU$ 1.45 each + gst.

    500 mL Capacity

    Dimensions: 145 x 74mm.
    Packaging: cartons of100.
    Cost: AU$ 2.25 each + gst.



      Flat bottom container with clear polypropylene screwcap.
      Cap & base have sealing flanges to create an airtight seal.
      Plastics are UV stabilised so that they last longer under grow room lights.
    500 mL Capacity

    Dimensions: 94 x 94mm.
    Packaging: cartons of 80.
    Cost: AU$ 2.20 each + gst.

    750 mL Capacity

    Dimensions: 134 x 94mm (height x width).
    Packaging: cartons of 60.                    COST: AU$ 3.00 EACH + GST



      Flat bottom clear containers with screw cap.
      Lids have a gasket of EPDM rubber to provide an airtightseal. EPDM rubber withstands repeated auto claving and will not release any toxic compounds.
  • Vent Spots

    Dimensions: 18mm OD, 12mm ID.
    Packaging: packs of 500.
    Cost: AU$ 0.65 each + gst.


    These membranes eliminate the need for cotton wool plugs. They have a pore size of 0.5 microns and therefore exclude the entry of all bacteria and fungi. These spots are re-usable for a minimum of 10 times and are waterproof

  • EPDM Gaskets

    Dimensions: 95mm OD.
    Packaging: sold singly.
    Cost: AU$ 0.50 each + gst.
    For use with Polypropylene containers


    The 500mL and 750mL polypropylene containers also have polypropylene lids. This combination of two flexible plastic surfaces results in poor sealing. The addition of an EPDM rubber gasket into the lids of these containers results in an airtight seal.

    Take care to sterilize containers with gaskets with the lids quite loose to prevent the containers from warping when the containers cool down.

  • Standard & mini strips prior to use

    Standard strips $ 0.70 each + gst.
    Mini strips $ 0.50 each + gst.

    Standard & Mini strips after use

    Strips show that the blue bars are in the safe zone


    These strips test the operation of steam sterilisers and it is recommended that they be used to check the first batch being autoclaved each day.


    Acetal plastic 8mm diameter, 300 mm long.
    Cost: AU$ 2.50 each + gst.


    Nylon stirring rods are ideal for hand mixing solutions in the laboratory. They have the advantage over glass rods that are widely used because they are unbreakable and also restistant to boiling water.

    The standard size rods are 300mm long however they can be made to whichever length you require.


    • Agar J3 AU$ 90.00 per kg + gst. Agar J3 is the most common gelling agent used for plant tissue culture. It is made from seaweed harvested in Chile.
    • Growgel (Carrageenin) AU$ 90.00 per kg + gst. Growgel is manufactured from a different variety of seaweed to agar and has some different properties. It has a lower salt content making it ideal for growing carnivorous plants. Growgel also sets at a lower temperature compared with agar and it produces a much clearer gel.