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Floral Boost

FLORAL BOOST can be used on Phalaenopsis orchid flower spikes before the buds open to promote spike branching. Apply Floral Boost to two or three nodes on the upper portion of the spike – immediately below the lowest flower bud.

After normal flowering is completed you can encourage secondary flowering by applying FLORAL BOOST to only one of the upper-most buds on the spent spike.

Experiment with spikes of other genera such as Psychopsis papilio, Oncidium kahili, Equitant Oncidiums, etc. And apply to base of lower leaves on Angraecums, Vandas, Ascocendas, etc.

DIRECTIONS: Follow normal sanitary precautions. Keep FLORA BOOST away from eyes, skin and children. Store at room temperature (about 20 degrees C) and use within one year of purchase. Apply FLORAL BOOST carefully to the tiny bud and meristematic tissue under the bract as described below.



    1. Carefully split the bract (coloured brown) covering the upper two nodes with the tip of a clean sharp knife.
    2. Peel back and remove the bract covering with tweezers.
    3. Spread FLORAL BOOST lightly over the tiny dormant bud and the tender area around it. A flat toothpick makes a handy applicator. Gently rub the paste into the tissue around the bud being careful not to damage it.
    4. Grow at minimum 22 degrees C.
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