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Dendrobium victoria reginae


  • Squat flasks are 250ml polycarbonate containers, 85 x 85 mm with Vent Spots. These hold 20 plants
  • Maxi flasks are 500ml polypropylene containers 95 x 95mm with Vent Spots. Hold up to 40 plants
  • Maxi Tall flasks are 750ml polypylene containers 95 x 135mm with Vent Spots. For Cymbidiums

Seed sowing fee

Seed sowing fee is AU$22.00 inc gst per sowing (3 mother flasks sown per pod or pack of seed) either intact pods or dry seed. The fee is payable when the seeds are sent to the laboratory.

Replating fee

Hobby flasks of 20 plants cost $32.00 inc gst

Standard flasks of 25 plants cost $40.00 inc gst

Bulk flasks of 30 plants cost $48.00 inc gst. Note plants in bulk flasks will be smaller due to slight crowding

50% of the replating costs are due when the seedlings are ready for their final replate. Replating will be carried out when this fee and any other outstanding amounts have been paid. The remaining 50% of the replate costs becomes payable when the flasks are ready for despatch and the client has been advised.

The minimum order is 90 seedlings per sowing.

Once flasks are ready for despatch they cannot be stored in the laboratory.

Sending Intact Pods or Dry Seed to the Lab

  1. Place dry seeds or intact pods into small paper envelopes with the edges sealed with tape. Do not wrap pods or dry seed in plastic or use airtight containers such as glass, or use Jiffy bags which are plastic lined which may cause fungal damage.
  2. Send the envelopes of intact pods or dry seed in a Postpak or similar mailing tube to prevent damage in transit and send by Express Post. It is best to mail on a Monday to avoid your seed getting held up in the mail over a weekend.
  3. Label your seed with a code number. We do not need to know the name of your plant, just the genus. The more information that you can supply about your plant the better that we can grow your seedlings. Information such as: climate where the plant grows in nature, altitude, specific details like ‘limestone grower’ are a great assistance.
  4. Include your name, address, phone number and email address with your seed.
  5. IMPORTANT Please contact the laboratory before sending pods/seed so that your pods/seed can be sown as soon as they are received.

Split pods cannot be accepted due to the high risk of fungal damage, particularly when sent during warm weather. We can only sow intact pods or dry seed.

Delivery of Flasks

Flasks can be picked up from the laboratory or we will send them to you. We usually send flasks via TNT Express Courier. TNT Express air freight charges within Australia have recently changed. Please let us know your address and we can calculate the current cost.

TNT Express require the following details for delivery.

  • Somewhere that the courier can leave the parcel if you are not at home.
  • Your email address
  • Your daytime phone number.
  • Please check that you do not live in a ‘TNT remote area’. If you do TNT will charge an extra $44.00 for delivery. We can send your flasks to someone you know who lives near to you who is not in a remote area. Call us and we can check for you or you can check if you are in a TNT remote area on the TNT website at www.tnt.com.au

Please see the ‘How to Produce Orchid Seed’ page in the Information section of the website for estimated times to harvest your seed pods. Please note that harvest times can only be a rough guide because they vary depending on:

  • The time of the year
  • Your climate
  • Your growing conditions
  • The particular species

Summary of Harvest Times and Recommended Flask Sizes

GENUS Seed pod harvest time (months) * Flask type No. of seedlings per flask
Cattleya 5-7 Maxi 25
Cymbidium + 9 Maxi Tall 25 or 30
Dendrobium 2-5 Maxi 25
Disa 1-1.5 Squat 20
Disa 1-1.5 Maxi 30 to 40
Laelia 4-6 Maxi 25
Masdevallia 3 Maxi 25 or 30
Miltonia 4-5 Maxi 25
Odontoglossum 9 Maxi 25
Oncidium 9 Maxi 25
Paphiopedilum 6-15 Squat 10 or 15
Paphiopedilum 6-15 Maxi 20 or 25
Phalaenopsis 7 Maxi 25
Pleione # 5-6 Maxi 25 or 30
Sarcochilus 7-12 Maxi 25
Sophronitis 2-3 Maxi 25
Vanda 5 Maxi 25
Zygopetalum 8 Maxi Tall 25 or 30

+ Seed still germinates when a little immature and cream coloured.
# Often mixed with infertile white seed. *Approximate time after pollination until harvesting of ripe pods.