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Vitagrow-B1 Repotting / Deflasking orchid solution for root growth

Vita grow B1 contains a balanced complex of vitamin B1 and hormone (Auxin). The auxin (hormone), promotes healthy root development in any plant and when combined with Vitamin B1 will produce sturdy growth which is exceptionally disease resistant. It has been found that both Vitamin B1 and auxins will stimulate root growth and the two together at the correct ratio will have a much greater stimulating effect than either one alone. The solution is ideal to use after repotting and for reviving damaged or dried out plants when you need a burst of root growth.

It can be used on plants suffering from the effects of long periods of transportation. Vitagrow makes an excellent foliar spray but should be used at about ¼ strength. Vitagrow B1 is not a fertilizer and you should continue with your regular fertilizing program.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1mL per Litres of water. Just use as a single treatment because it is quite strong and not designed for regular use. For regular use we recommend Vitahrow H. We recommend fertilizing at 1/4 strength at every watering for established plants. Do not fertilize repotted, imported plants or transplanted seedlings until plants are established. VITAGROW-B1 will carry them over!

Note: Keep away from children and pets. Use only as directed. Shake well before using.

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