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Fogging Systems

Ocean Mist HM-350

This unit comes complete and ready to connect to 240V power and a water supply. All you will need extra is a 20 micron water filter on your tap to maintain a clean water supply. The unit comes complete with an automatic humidity controller so that you can dial up your desided humidity level.

The unit can run continuously however it is best to switch it off for about an hour a day to ensure a long life of the ultrasonic transducers. This is generally not an issue because humidification is rarely needed at night. The unit is mobile so no expensive installation is required.

Model Specifications:

  • 240V Australian plug.
  • Fog output up to 6.5kg per hour (12lb/hr)
  • Air quantity 120m3 per hour
  • Maximum greenhouse size 200m3
  • Outlet size 110mm
  • Maximum power consumption 320w
  • Inlet water pipe 1/2 inch
  • Dimensions: 470 x 240 x 330mm
  • Noise less than 36db
  • Can maintain up to 99% relative humidity

Cost $660.00
(including gst)

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