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Ultrasonic humidifiers

An ultrasonic fogger will allow you to provide a high humidity environment for the optimum growth of your plants. This is particularly important for: Cloud forest plants, Deflasking, Propagation greenhouses & Growing plants in dry climates.

Ultrasonic humidification has the advantage over other forms of humidification because of the small fog particles produced with an average droplet size of 5 microns. This fog is just like natural fog that tends to hang in the air rather than rapidly fall to the ground. For this reason fogging does not replace watering because it creates high humidity without making your plants wet.  

Draculas thrive growing with high humidity

We have a range of ultrasonic humidifier models, the new HM-350 for small greenhouses up to 200 cu m volume and the TM-1200 series for larger greenhouses.

See individual pages for details about the different models

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