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KEIKIROOT is a formula containing auxins and vitamins and is designed to promote rooting on Phalaenopsis keikis (plantlets) and on forced back bulbs of orchids, such as Cymbidiums, Lycastes, Oncidiums etc. When using KEIKIROOT follow normal sanitary precautions and keep KEIKIROOT away from eyes, skin, children and pets. Store at room temperature (about 20 degrees C) and use within one year of purchase.

DIRECTIONS: If the keiki (plantlet) has developed and roots have not started to form after about one month, remove any excess KEIKIGROW (green paste) with a clean tissue. Apply KEIKIROOT to the base of the keikis which have developed from a node on the Phalaenopsis spike. Use a flat tooth-pick to apply a thin layer to the base of the keiki. USE SPARINGLY. Roots should begin to form within two or three weeks.

NOTE: Because results are related to many factors, including growing conditions over which we have no control, no guarantee can be given. Under normal conditions, however, root production will be hastened and the keiki should be removed when roots are about two centimetres long.

Experiment with KEIKIROOT as you do with Keikigrow. Remember that when you use KEIKIROOT, a rooting formula with vitamins and hormones, that the ingredients stay in place and will not wash off.

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