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PAPHGROW will encourage the development of dormant adventitious buds on flowered back growths of Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums which are usually discarded. When PAPH-GROW is used in conjunction with VITAGROW B1 the results are particularly encouraging. Soaking the back growths or young divisions in a mild solution of VITAGROW B1 overnight or for about 8 hours has also proved beneficial. In addition to propagating new plants from flowered back growths, this procedure is also recommended for newly imported plants (when and if they are available under CITES regulations) and rescuing plants damaged by crown rot.

When using Keikigrow Products no special equipment is needed, but normal sanitary precautions for maintaining a bacteria and virus-free atmosphere should be observed. Keep hormone and vitamin products away from children and pets. Always sterilize any cutting utentials and wash hands carefully before and after applications.

We find most success with the following procedure;

  • After dividing the Paph carefully and removing decayed material from the roots wash the root area carefully in water.
  • Carefully rub a small amount of PAPHGROW on and into the buds at the base of the back growth(s) being careful not to damage them (There are usually two or more).
  • Place the growths gently in vermiculite. We use a coarse insulation grade. Humidity should be 70 to 80 percent. Bottom heat supplied by a heating cable is ideal.
  • Keep the vermiculite moist at all times and mist the plants daily with a normal solution of VITAGROW B1.
  • Because the coarse vermiculite allows frequent examination, watch the plants closely, They should have developed 2 cm roots and be ready for regular potting in about one month.
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