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Australian Orchid Foundation AGM
2Oct 2018
Australian Orchid Foundation AGM

Members and visitors are invited to attend the 42nd Annual General Meeting of
The Australian Orchid Foundation

at the City of Whitehorse Horticultural Centre,
82 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill (Melways Ref: 62 F4)
on Saturday 27th October 2018 at 2:00pm

Immediately following will be a presentation by Lalita Simpson

Lalita is a PhD candidate at the Australian Tropical Herbarium and James Cook University
in Cairns. Her studies are focused on tropical epiphytic orchids, in particular the most diverse
orchid genus Bulbophyllum and Australia’s Dendrobium speciosum. She has conducted
extensive field work across the mountain tops of Australia’s Wet Tropics biodiversity hotspot.
Her talk: Evolution of the orchids through time and spacehow biogeography has shaped orchid biodiversity.
In this talk, Lalita will peer back in time to the origins of the orchid family more than 100
million years ago and trace their incredible migration around the globe. Lalita has been
awarded the Australian Conservation Taxonomy Award and the Pauline Ladiges Prize for her research. The AOF has supported Lalita in two projects.

There will also be books and plants for sale.
Entry is free and after the talk you are invited to share afternoon tea.