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Keiki Kit Number 1


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The Keiki Kit contains everything that you may need to produce keikis on your Phalaenopsis flower spikes and treat leaf fungal damage that may arise.

The Kit contains the following:

  • Keikigrow Plus – a cream jar containing 3g (4mL)
  • Keikiroot – a cream jar containing 3g (4mL)
  • Stoprot – a cream jar containing 3g (4mL)
  • 12 applicator sticks.
  • Instructions for each of Keikigrow Plus, Keikiroot and Stoprot

Keikigrow Plus is the original keiki paste developed by Dr James Brasch of Plant Hormones Canada. Keikigrow Plus can be used to induce keikis on Phalaenopsis orchid flower spikes or new shoots on orchid bulbs or growths. It is also used to propagate African Violet chimeras and Nepenthes carnivorous plants among many other uses.

Keikiroot is the keiki rooting paste to induce roots on keikis that are reluctant to form roots.

Stoprot is a Bordeaux mixture paste to control leaf rot in Phalaenopsis orchids.

Instructions for the use of Keikigrow plus will be included with your order or you can download them now by going to products page  See the FAQ page for general tips on using Keikigrow Products and the Using Plant Hormones page for much more information about plant hormones.

Note: Keikigrow Products are made in Australia using only the highest grade Australian anhydrous lanolin. These products can be legally sent anywhere in the world.