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Keikiroot 3g Cream Jar


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Keikiroot is the original keiki rooting paste developed by Dr James Brasch of Plant Hormones Canada. Keikiroot is used to produce roots on keikis that have been produced on Phalaenopsis orchid flower spikes using KeikiGrow Plus . Usually Keikigrow Plus induces Keikis which naturally produce roots however some Phalaenopsis plants produce the keikis on their spikes without roots. If the keikis are removed without any roots they usually will not grow or take a very long time to produce roots. This situation can be overcome by applying Keikiroot to the base of the keiki while it is still on the flower spike.

If you are inducing several keikis on a Phalaenopsis flower spike, wait until all have formed before applying Keikiroot. Keikiroot will inhibit new keikis from forming.

Instructions for the use of Keikiroot will be included with your order or you can download them now by going to the Keikiroot page See the FAQ page for general tips on using Keikigrow Products and the Using Plant Hormones page for much more information about plant hormones.