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Paph Grow – Orchid hormone paste for Paphiopedilum orchids 4.5g Squeeze Tube


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PAPH GROW is similar to Keikigrow Plus, but specifically formulated for Paphiopedilum orchids. Paph Grow was developed by Dr James Brasch of Plant Hormones Canada. Paph Grow is used to induce new growths to form at the base of Paphiopedilum orchids. Many Paphiopedilums are reluctant to produce new growths and Paph Grow overcomes this drawback. Paph Grow can also be used to get old back growths to reshoot.

Instructions for the use of Paph Grow will be included with your order or you can download them now by going to the Paphgrow page  See the FAQ page for general tips on using Keikigrow Products and the Using Plant Hormones page for much more information about plant hormones.

Note: Keikigrow Products are made in Australia using only the highest grade Australian anhydrous lanolin. These products can be legally sent anywhere in the world.