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Vitagrow H 60ml, Growth & Rooting Solution for Orchids, Nepenthes, etc


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Vitagrow H is the original growth solution developed by Dr James Brasch of Plant Hormones Canada along with the other Keikigrow Products. Some of the other Keikigrow products are available on eBay. Vitagrow H contains a balanced complex of vitamins B1 (Thiamine HCl), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin P (Niacin or Nicotinic Acid), Inositol and hormones (auxins). The auxin (hormone) promotes healthy root development in any plant and when combined with vitamin B1 will produce sturdy growth which is exceptionally disease resistant. It has been found by Dr Brasch that both Vitamin B1 and auxins will stimulate root growth and the two together at the correct ratio, will have a much greater stimulating effect than either alone.

These vitamins are standard ingredients of orchid flasking media and their absence in plant cultures or in composts hinders normal growth. Vitagrow H is not a fertilizer but promotes the optimum response to your standard fertilizer program. It is especially useful during cool periods when fertilizer requirements are minimal but when healthy growth and active roots should be maintained.

Instructions for the use of Vitagrow H will be included with your order or you can download them now by going to www.floralaboratopries.com.au See the FAQ page for general tips on using Keikigrow Products and the Using Plant Hormones page for much more information about plant hormones.